TMT Line Introduction

Project types: first, express service (main aging): Farewell to long wait. TMT launched the global express service to meet the urgent need for customers to deliver goods in the shortest time. The delivery time of the global express service is generally 3~4 working days, and the flight is directly flying to Tehran, Iran. The freight price is slightly higher than the economic express service, mainly tailored for the timeliness customers. However, the products are limited, ordinary non electrified, magnetic, motor, motor, no compressor, no commodity inspection of the goods can choose this service.

Two, economic service (main price ratio): at the same time to reduce the cost of logistics to ensure a certain timeliness, we launched an economic delivery. The time limitation of express service is generally 5~6 working days, and the price ratio is very high. Three, air service: TMT to the quality of the air channel and convenient service network, can provide you with convenient professional air service solutions, lift your cargo troubles. At present, there are 6 stable Airlines cooperation, super preferential price, stable service.

Four, storage service: what is the secret of developing the Iran market? Is the Iran bonded warehouse, bonded warehouse can make your goods and the local market stand on the same starting line, truly start at dawn and arrive at dusk to seize the market opportunities. TMT can provide you with one-stop professional warehousing services such as warehousing, sorting, packing, labeling, sending and returning, with professional modern warehouse management, providing safe and reliable warehousing services for your goods. Five, post delivery: TMT can provide customers with the back end of the power clearance service

Six, value added service: our overseas market development solution tailored to the e-commerce platform and e-commerce providers to clear up the last mile landing trade barrier for overseas market.

 1) advertising service: TMT, hundreds of thousands of packages are the best advertising platform for your products. Precise delivery and 100% exposure will add infinite possibilities to your products into thousands of households. Relying on the high trust of customers to TMT service, make you and customers no longer unfamiliar!

2) small package service: tailored for the e-commerce platform package, providing faster and more economical express solutions for your logistics, and further improving the competitiveness of your overseas market products. 

3) display platform: are you still working on how to show the track information to the Iran customers outside the million? Now, the opportunity has come. TMT has built a client, which allows customers to enter the website at any time and place to inquire the information of the goods, so that the customers can feel at ease and feel at ease for you. Watch the goods at any time!

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We want to make your life as easy as possible and so we have designed a simple to use TMT tracking system. To find out if your shipment has been delivered, who signed for it and other tracking information just type in your TMT consignment number(s) or your own consignment reference(s), select the appropriate button and click on track.
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